Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Pre-sales service

We offer complete air compressor pre-sales services. We offer consultant and analyzation service according to your industry, conditions and air quality required; and if needed, we can offer you an optimized solution after an on-the-spot investigation.

We’ll send support stuff during your installation, who can provide you optimized installation solution and guidance according to your conditions, requirements and the guidebook.

During-sales service

We’ll send support staff to test and debug your air compressor, to make sure it’s running in good condition. We offer free training service for technical and maintenance personnel, teaching techniques and knowledges on daily maintenance and simple debugging. We’ll help you establish a complete device log and standing book system, to make sure the device runs safely, stably and reliably.

After-sales service

After the sale, we’ll establish a customer device usage file system, pay regular return visits on device status and offer maintenance service during the first 3 years; after 3 years, we’ll pay return visits irregularly.

Our services include:
  • Checking the purification system of the air compressor, and checking the pipes to make sure they’re unblocked;
  • Checking the working status of the compressor, and making sure it’s working at the optimized condition;
  • Informing if the consumable parts need replacement;
  • Checking the daily maintenance log, correcting problems and issues existed.

We offer full-year long-term technical support, provide abundant support of components. We offer 5-year warranty and lifetime maintenance service for our air compressors. If your compressor get malfunctions, we’ll offer support within 24 hours, including on-site guidance, to solve your problem.

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Our factory covers an area of 10,000-30,000 square meters, equips 12 production lines, annual production output is about 40,000, including 13,000 air compressors. We offer OEM service as well.

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