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Textile Industry
  • The air compressor is widely applied in textile industry. Wefting requires compressed air to be maintained in accurate pressure and good purity. The air compressor is also applied for pneumatic conveying, spinning, texturing, air-jet weaving, man-made fiber, and fabric production, etc.
Mining Industry
  • The air compressor can produce liquid nitrogen along with nitrogen generation system. The liquid nitrogen is able to put out fire by vaporizing the flames. Therefore, the air compressor is widely applied for mine fire protection and outfiring.
  • Air compressor is also applied for powering pneumatic tools in mine tunnels, such as drills, wrenches, etc.
Metallurgy Industry
  • Iron and steel industry requires a great amount of compressed air in many conditions. The non-ferrous metal industry also applies air compressor.
Medical Industry
  • Air compressor is applied in the medical industry with liquid medicine filling, solid medicine granulating, packaging, and extraction processes, etc. Compressed air would contact medicines directly. Due to that factor, it must be cleaned and purified, In summary, compressed air must be:
    1) containing no oil or oil vapor, as produced by an oil-free air compressor;
    2) dehumidified to avoid condensate water in pipes.
Electronic Industry
  • Air compressors are applied for PCB cleaning, pneumatically component transferring and protective gas providing in electronic industry, play important roles in electronic production, experiment, precision control, measurement, etc.
Aerospace Industry
  • Pneumatic devices are able for work in high temperature, radiation exposed and high-G conditions. As a result, air compressors are applied in planes, rockets and missile controls.
Food Industry
  • Air compressor is widely applied in food industry for powering pneumatic instruments, tools, and cylinders, providing compressed air and food processing
  • Air compressor is also used in filling and packaging processes. Absolute pure and clean compressed air is also needed in dust processing. This includes conveying, air blowing, fermenting, cooling, and spraying, etc.
Painting Industry
  • Air compressor is applied for air spray painting, which uses spray gun and compressed air to atomize and spray coating onto the surface, then from a coat on the object surface.
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Our factory covers an area of 10,000-30,000 square meters, equips 12 production lines, annual production output is about 40,000, including 13,000 air compressors. We offer OEM service as well.

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